Art Jobs Perfect for Fine Arts Majors

Art Jobs Perfect for Fine Arts Majors

The fine arts degree is versatile but not versatile enough. If you want your degree to give you a job, you will need to take some extra steps. For example, you most likely will not have any trouble finding an art job suitable for a fine arts major, but it may not be the one you want.

It is possible to make a career in art if you are a student of art and find your passion in this field. Among many popular options, one popular option in the fine arts field is art therapy. Art therapists work with people of all ages. They may work with patients in a clinical setting or be responsible for an art therapy center.

Freelance Artist

Freelance work is growing in popularity as more employees are being laid off, and fewer people can afford to work a traditional 9-5 job. As the economy continues to struggle, 37% of Americans are looking to hire freelancers, and 28% of people are self-employed already. But one benefit of freelancing that is often overlooked is the freedom and flexibility it can provide.

The freelancer artist is a term used in online work circles to describe a person who works from home, making art their primary income source. But don’t be mistaken that freelancers only work from home as they have the freedom to work from anywhere they want. They could even rent out austin coworking spaces or similar shared workspaces, which seems to be affordable, to have a place where they are comfortable working and getting creative. Freelancer artists use their art as an inventive approach to earning and are often – although not exclusively– artists (painters, sculptors, photographers). Freelancer artists also appear to sell their art. The pieces are usually online but may include original paintings, prints, sculptures, and other works by the freelancer.

You may even get on-site projects such as graffiti or wall painting. For that, you may have to study how to ready a wall for wall painting. In some cases, if the wall has issues such as dampness or mold, you might also have to suggest your client to consider hiring a professional to treat the wall before preparing your base for painting. They can visit website of a mold inspection and removal service provider before contacting them for more information. Anyways, a freelance painter job could also mean you have to travel to different places for the projects.

Commercial Artists

Commercial artists are the bread and butter of the industry, bringing creative concepts to life through computer imaging and sketching. Most use computers heavily, and skill with CAD (computer-aided design) software is a must. But some designers are “hands-on” artists, creating artwork in traditional media such as watercolors, oils, and acrylics. Commercial artists usually work in-house, although some design freelance or for advertising agencies.

Commercial artists are responsible for creating product images, movie posters, and other images aimed at enticing a consumer to purchase a product or service. They also work in the graphic design sector. Those who work for big companies often use market research tools such as a Graphic Design Feedback Test and other metrics to collaborate with executives and create the most efficient art for a client. It is a job that appeals to many artists who enjoy the arithmetic and quantitative side of art. The average annual salary for a Commercial artist is $63,620. There are no specific educational requirements to become a commercial artist, but some employers prefer someone with an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Some employers require their commercial artists to be computer literate and skilled in working with digital media.


Agencies in art are organizations or institutions that provide artists with opportunities and resources that help them study, develop, exhibit, and sell their artwork. These agencies provide valuable opportunities for artists to develop the skills they need to advance their careers.

Art agencies are evolving in the art world. They have always been there. Art agencies are gathering places for artists that are promoting their work. Art agencies provide artists with an avenue where they can be promoted.

Art Teacher Jobs

An art teacher is a person who instructs students in the techniques and theories of various visual arts. Becoming a certified art teacher can often be very rewarding, especially for people who enjoy working with their hands and are creative. Teaching art enables teachers to impart their knowledge, experience, and passion for the arts to students of all ages.

Art teachers help students to learn and master skills and help artists develop better technical skills and hone artistic abilities. They work with students of all ages and abilities. If you become an art teacher, you will find teaching art rewarding. To get a job as an art teacher, you will require a quality resume and perhaps an art portfolio to showcase your talent and skills. You can also consider using this tool to create a professional cover letter and resume, which can increase your chances of getting selected by recruiters in schools and universities.

While some jobs clearly require an art degree, there’s no reason to limit yourself. A fine arts major can pursue any career they want. A fine arts major can also design their own career path. That’s the beauty of a fine arts degree. It’s limitless.

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