What is The Best Musical Instrument to Learn For Beginners?

What is The Best Musical Instrument to Learn For Beginners?

You may think that there is one instrument out there that everyone can learn as a beginner, but in fact, there are multiple instruments you can learn to play depending on your skill level and what interests you most.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the easiest musical instruments to learn so you can make a decision about what you would like to start playing.

Whether you are planning on learning to play with music lessons or you want to just give it a go yourself and learn through online classes, there is something out there for everyone, so why not give it a shot?

You don’t have to know music theory or read sheet music as well as be aware of the different musical genres to enjoy playing an instrument, sometimes all it takes is picking something up and starting your musical journey at your own pace.

Why Do You Want To Play an Instrument?

It may seem like a silly question, by why have you now decided that you want to start playing a musical instrument/musical instruments?

Maybe you saw an electric guitar and thought it would be amazing to be on stage and play to a cheering crowd of thousands, or perhaps you love classical music and have always wanted to play piano or a wind instrument for your own enjoyment.

Whatever the reason, it is always going to be the right one because it leads you to music.

You are not going to be a pro as soon as you start learning to play, in fact, you will find yourself making mistakes and hitting the wrong musical notes, but that is all part of the journey, especially if you want to start writing your own music down the line.

So, without further ado, let’s get into some of the best musical instruments to learn and start you playing music.


When you think of drums, you are probably picturing a rock band with a drummer behind a drum set just doing amazing and crazy drumming that gets the crowd riled up.

Whilst this may be a dream of yours, it is going to take a while to get you to that point, but if you look at drums as they are, they won’t be that hard to learn once you have the basics down.

There Are Different Types of Drums

Percussion instruments like drums can be easy instruments to learn, for instance, you can start with bongos, congas, or snare drums, all of these types can help you with developing a pattern that keeps you in a rhythm.

Helps With Learning

It has also been said that playing drums can increase academic performance, which is great for kids who are in school and want to start playing an instrument.

It can also help with boosting confidence which is important for those kids who do need some support in that area and want to put themselves out there more.

Because drums produce sounds that are full of rhythm, all other musical instruments will draw their tempo from the drums, which will help when creating music in a group.

So, just maybe, this kind of percussion instrument is the best choice when you want to start learning to play an instrument.

Bass Guitar

A bass guitar is a stringed instrument that looks similar to an electric guitar but has a completely different function.

It has a longer neck and scale length, plus it has four to six strings instead of just six strings like an electric guitar.

It is played with the fingers and thumbs and is used as a solo instrument in music genres such as jazz, jazz fusion, funk, metal, and rock.

One of The Easiest Guitar Types to Play

It can be challenging to play string instruments like this, however, compared to other guitars it is easier to play since you can play songs using single notes instead of longer chords like you would with acoustic guitars or a classical guitar.


This is classed as a free reed wind instrument and it is a very versatile instrument to learn.

You may hear it primarily in bluegrass music as well as the blues, but it can be heard a lot more nowadays in different musical genres, so it is not pigeonholed into one type.

If you love country music then you more than likely have heard a harmonica pop up every now and then, but listen closely to other music you may like, and you might be surprised to hear a few bars being played.

Electric Guitar

Just like a bass guitar, this is part of the string instruments group. It is easier to play than an acoustic guitar, however, it depends on the person and how they learn.

Guitars are normally one of the first instruments that people will want to start playing, but it really is all about what music they are drawn to most.

The Chords Aren’t Difficult

It can be easy to pick up the chords, and once you have learned a few of them as well as the different ways you can strum, then you will be able to carry this on further and build on what you know and start playing more complicated tunes.

Once you have mastered this guitar, you can try other types of guitars to see how you can expand on your guitar playing and see which one speaks to you more.


Just like a saxophone and clarinet, a flute is part of the group known as woodwind instruments, and it is played by blowing air into the open end and changes the sound by opening and blocking the holes on the body.

These are very basic instruments to learn, so for the new person who wants to pick up something that isn’t too much to handle, a flute may be the right choice.

Wooden flutes create a dark sound, whereas silver ones will sound a lot brighter, which can change the overall feel of the music being played.

The Harp

No, this isn’t a joke, and yes it does deserve to be on this list.

When you look at a harp or you see someone playing a harp, you probably think that it is one of the most complicated instruments to learn, however, it might just be classed as the easiest and best musical instrument to learn, depending on who you ask of course.

Harps have been around for thousands of years, and that is before musical sheets and learning the chords.

They are a lot easier to learn than a violin, as it is all about plucking the string to get the note, that’s it.

Once you know what each string sounds like, you can just play around with it to create a song or just a simple musical piece.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate and you can take your time learning it.


Compared to a piano, a keyboard is quite an easy instrument to learn for beginners.

You can learn to read sheet music and develop an understanding of harmonies when you start to play on the keyboard.

Plus, it is easier to make a song as there is a lot of help with background beats and rhythms through the keyboard’s musical storage.

As you progress, you will want to transition to the piano. You can set up a nook in your house with a beautiful piano and matching piano stools. But remember, you won’t be amazing straight away, and it will take some years to be a dab hand at it, but you will be able to pick it up quickly and if you are determined to keep at it, then you’ll be playing with your eyes closed before you know it.


A recorder seems to be a staple in young children’s lives, in fact, if you are a parent, then you probably have heard your kids playing a tinny tune that may grate on you (they are kids, you’ll have to forgive them).

However, if it is played properly, it is a melodic instrument that people will enjoy listening to.

It is incredibly easy to learn, if kids can play it, then so can you.

It is a good starter instrument that can lead you to learn other musical instruments if you want to expand on your knowledge and catalog.


After reading through, hopefully, you are able to pick out an instrument that suits you down to the ground.

Learning an instrument can open your mind up to loads of musical experiences out there, and may just help you with your studies or work too.

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