Meet Osantuario

Hey, we are Osantuario, a couple of bandmates and lifelong friends who have teamed up to write a blog about the things that we care about the most music, art, and photography. We both play guitar and have been playing in our band from the age of 13 now that we are approaching 30 we thought it was time we started writing down our musical thoughts as well as giving knowledge about the career paths we have both gone down.

Calvin Osan

I’m Calvin, the lead guitarist, and singer in our band Osantuario. Over the years we decided that playing in our band is something that we wanted to do for fun so we are always attending open mic nights to live out our glory days! These days I am a freelance artist, who is able to commission a variety of different designs to those who are interested. I decided to start this blog with my friend Kerry because we both have the passion and drive to dedicate ourselves to a project and make it last and this blog is just our next adventure on the list. We both have extensive knowledge of music and I have a degree in art which I hope will inspire any budding artists out there to pursue their career dreams. I currently live in Arizona but I am hoping to move closer to my family in Colorado soon, which is where Kerry is living currently too, so we can be closer together and work on the blog in neighborhood distance rather than across the state border!

Kerry Tuario

Hey there, I’m Kerry the other guitarist in the band but just to let you know I don’t sing… this is probably because I would burst people’s eardrums with my not-so-sweet tune! I am currently working as a photographer, taking snaps at weddings and any other events that people want to remember, this especially includes my parents who insist on getting a free family Christmas card snapped every year! Calvin and I have been best friends since 3rd grade and although we have completely different personalities we have remained the best of friends. In our band, Calvin always tries to be a cool and quirky guy whereas I have no trouble showing that I am goofy and energetic all the time… but shh don’t tell him I told you! I hope that this blog brings enjoyment, learning, and inspires people to live out their dreams.