Fascinated by photography for as long as she can remember, Ella Mbode has continued to expand her practice over the years, step by step. Following a successful photo-journalism project in Mexico, which was the beginning of her photographic career, she has never stopped looking for ways to develop and broaden her vision of things. This blog is her “Santuario”, the Spanish word for sanctuary.

She has always been in contact with people from different backgrounds who are passionate about art and photography. Ella is an art lover and does not favor one type over another. She loves it all, the graphic, the literary, and the musical… She has taken many art workshops and prefers to understand art as a whole rather than as several separate disciplines.

Ella is completely self-taught. In this way, she infuses his photographic work with the freshness and creativity that she cherishes. Her studies at a leading engineering school have given her the ability to develop a spirit of adaptation and rigor that has given her the keys to mastering all aspects of photography. As a result, she has had numerous exhibitions and publications and has appeared in various press articles, wanting to share her artistic vision with all.